Honey, you know, I was thinking — it's that time of year again! Have you scheduled your annual wellness visit? 

Oh, you know how forgetful I can be. But do we really need to go to these things, anyways?

Well, we're not spring chickens anymore, and these yearly visits are important for our health. They help us stay on top of things.

Can we even afford it? 

My dear, I’ll have you know Medicare covers wellness visits — most insurance plans do. The law says they need to cover preventive services like screenings and shots.

Okay, I'm listening. What exactly happens during these visits, again? I don’t like being poked and prodded. 

Well, it's mostly a conversation where the doctor reviews our medical history and checks for signs of cancer, heart disease, or other health problems. 

The point is to catch any potential issues early, before they become more serious. 

Sounds important. I guess we better make an appointment. 

Everything I say is important. 

Don't delay! Schedule your annual wellness visit today.