I want tips to help me feel more energetic and just generally healthier.

What are you reading? 

Oh, it's a health book.

That reminds me, I have my annual wellness visit thing coming up. But I’ve been thinking — I'm young and healthy, right? I might cancel.

I had the same thought! But I went anyways. And let me tell you — it was good I went.

And I was happy to learn Medicaid covered it. I think most insurance plans do. The law says they need to cover preventive services like screenings and shots.

That's good to know because I was worried. So, what was it like?

Well, I took a health assessment that asked about my weight, lifestyle — things like that. Then the doc checked my heart and blood pressure, and she gave me a bunch of good tips to stay healthy. 

Oh! And we made a plan for monitoring my blood pressure until next time. 

It reminds me of those lists you get when you get an oil change. 

Anyways, early detection is key, I guess. But really, I feel fine. Is it really necessary?

You'd be surprised. They say wellness visits can reduce hospitalizations and emergency room visits by a lot. Again, it's all about staying ahead of the game.

Like usual. 

You're right, you're right, you're right. 

Ok! I'll go.

Schedule your annual wellness visit today.

Stay on top of your health.