You know, Dr. Nguyen, I sometimes get a little worried by negative stuff about flu shots on social media. But I wanted to keep us safe this flu season.

Hi Tasha and Alex. Thanks so much for coming in and grabbing your flu shots.

I hear you, Tasha. But the flu virus changes constantly, so we always create a new vaccine to protect and teach our bodies every year.

I know what you mean, but the flu shot is completely safe for kids over 6 months old. It’s been used for over 50 years!

That’s what I thought! But why do we have to get it every year? It seems like a lot of work. Why can’t this be one and done?

More importantly, flu vaccines protect people who can’t get it, those who are sick, and older members of your family. This is called herd immunity.

One simple shot can protect your entire family.

I had no idea! Thanks for sharing this info, Dr. Nguyen.

There’s a quick, no-cost flu shot waiting for you.

Protect your family and your community.