There’s my boy! And my little sunshine! Come on in, you two!

Hi Mom! It’s good to see you. How have you been? 

Well, you know me. I stay busy with my book club, bingo nights and walk group. 

Huh, mom, what’s this Humana letter about?

Oh, that? It’s something about an at home test kit for colorectal cancer. 

Hmm…sounds important. Are you going to get one? 

I don’t think so dear, I still feel young and healthy. 

Marty, my father-in-law felt fine too, remember? Until his at home test kit resulted positive a few years ago. 

Luckily, they caught the cancer early, while it was treatable. 

Yeah, but I already barely have time to see you. I’d rather make time for this little bundle of joy. 

Mom, the at home test kit seems easy. It’s at no cost to you, no appointment is needed, and it can be done from home. 

And we both want you to stay healthy so you can watch her grow up.

Mmm…alright. I’ll make sure to claim my kit today, but for now, I just want to enjoy my time with this little angel. 

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